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Matt McCuum Biography

Matt McCuum (pronounced McCume) grew up on a dairy farm in Winterset, Iowa. He has fond memories of waking up early with his father, and milking Bessie and Jeremiah. Tragically, his father, John McCuum, died in a tractor accident when Matt was 12. Matt had to learn how to grow up fast after that.

His mother, Theresa McCuum, was a teacher at the local elementary school. She impressed upon young Matt a fondness for literature, especially, Southern Gothic.  Flannery O’Connor, and William Faulkner were her personal favorites. She would assign homework for young Matthew, memorizing passages from A Good Man Is Hard To Find, and A Rose For Emily. 

After graduating high school 2nd in his class, Mr McCuum studied English Literature for a spell at Harvard University, until he got kicked out for plagiarism. Drunk one night and out of time, Matt had his roommate Yoon Sang write an essay for him. Unfortunately, Yoon Sang had a way with stealing other people’s words. But what could Matt say when he was busted? I didn’t do it! It was Yoon Sang!!

Years of random jobs ensued. Construction worker...a barista...a dental hygienist. Until he ended up working nights at a Walmart in Des Moines, IA. As a lark, one of his teeth-defying co-workers challenged him to write a story about Suzie, a hapless checkout girl he was smitten with. Three years later, Mr McCuum is set to publish not just fiction, but music as well. 

The world is on tenterhooks. 

The cows need milking.

-Joe Swimmings

(Said toothless co-worker)

November 2018


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